Pledging Allegiance

Pledging Allegiance





At first, perform ablution (Wudu) and then perform 4 rakat ”tahaccud” (after midnigt) prayer (Namaz/Salat).

And then read the following:

  • 1 time Al-Fatiha
  • 3 times Ayat Al Kursi
  • 11 times Al Ihlas (Ikhlas)
  • 1 time Sure Al Falaq (Falak)
  • 1 time Sure Al Nas
  • 1 time Al-Fatiha
  • 1 time Alif Lam Mim (meem)

Later, the obtained good deeds/works(which is the results of the prays above) are bestowed on spirits of Master,

The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), (SAW) and his companions, our Master Hasan Husameddin Ussaki (ksa) and

Abraham (İbrahim) Ipek (ksa) and all other murshids (saint guiders) and our murshid.

Then, kneel on the ground, close your eyes and say the red sentences below:

  • Tawba /Tavba and Istagfar (praying the God for forgiveness): Estagfirullah el-azim (100 times)
  • Sharif Salawat: Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam Ya Rasulallah (100 times)
  • Kalimah Tawhid / Tawheed (Oneness of Allah and Belief in Allah): La ilaha illallah (700 times)
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